This focus extends to TMC products and services in a range of markets– from interventional cardiology to injection to veterinary care. We deliver a range of solutions, too, covering everything from interventional medicine and pharmaceuticals to medical products and healthcare systems consulting.

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Terumo Interventional Systems is a market leader in minimally invasive entry site management, lesion access and interventional technologies such as stents, balloons, sheaths and more. With recognized brands like Glidewire®, Navicross™, Pinnacle® and AZUR®, we’re delivering economic value for providers and enhanced outcomes for their patients.

TIS also hosts the Terumo Learning EDGE™, an educational platform focused on improving interventional medicine. Featuring accomplished faculty and customized training, the program gives healthcare providers the resources they need to push the boundaries of patient care.


Terumo Medical Products designs injection and infusion therapy devices that allow clinicians to deliver the very best day-to-day care to their patients in both the human and animal health markets. With our innovative hypodermic needles, IV catheters, winged needle sets and more, we’re putting high quality into even the most routine parts of healthcare. It’s what makes TMP brands like SurGuard®, SURFLO®, SurFlash® and Sur-Vet® among the most trusted in the industry.


Terumo Health Outcomes is a strategic business partner that uncovers the hidden cost of quality by harnessing the power of our proprietary artificial intelligence platform, ePRISM®, combined with our advanced healthcare advisory services to ultimately improve provider margins. We work with providers to optimize their care delivery, while also improving patient satisfaction and outcomes. 


Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions crafts drug delivery devices that provide ease and comfort to both customers and their patients. We work with clients in the pharmaceutical, biologics and consumer healthcare industries on everything from product design and development to logistics and clinical affairs. Through open dialogue with other businesses, we build partnerships that benefit everyone – and offer products such as syringe systems, hypodermic needles, catheters, safety infusion sets and more.