Terumo does business through three companies – our Cardiac and Vascular Company, General Hospital Company and Blood Management Company (Terumo BCT). These companies bring Terumo’s products and mission to over 160 countries, with subsidiaries in Asia, Australia, Africa, the Americas, Europe, India and the Middle East. In Japan, where it was founded, the Terumo name is easily recognized as one of the largest producers of high-quality medical products.

Using this network and recognition allows us to contribute to society not just locally, but globally. We quickly adapt to worldwide trends by introducing improvements for greater safety and ease of use, conducting training to promote proper use of devices and proposing new systems that better meet the needs of healthcare providers. No matter where you are in the world, it’s likely that Terumo is bringing quality healthcare to someone nearby.

Each of the Terumo brands share this vision to deliver the very best support to healthcare providers and patients around the globe. It’s what connects us as a company – and even more, it’s what makes us a trusted leader in global healthcare.