Our wide range of products is managed under two business divisions: Terumo Interventional Systems and Terumo Medical Products.

Terumo Interventional Systems:

Terumo Interventional Systems (TIS), a division of Terumo Medical Corporation, is a market leader in minimally invasive entry site management, lesion access, and interventional technologies. TIS offers a complete, solution-based product portfolio used in advanced coronary, and peripheral endovascular treatments with strategic initiatives in Transradial Access, Complex Coronary Intervention, Peripheral Artery Disease and Embolotherapy. TIS combines innovative research and development with a deep market understanding to create a pipeline of industry leading devices that deliver clinical value, economic benefit, and enhanced patient outcomes.

Key Products: guidewires, catheters, introducer sheaths, guiding sheaths, embolics, and vascular closure devices.

Target Markets: interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons.

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Terumo Medical Products:

Terumo Medical Products (TMP) is recognized for its wide range of products to enhance patient comfort as well as the safety of clinicians. We are focused on improving routine patient experiences in outpatient and acute care settings. Additionally, our core business extends to products designed specifically for veterinary needs.

Key Products: IV catheters, blood collection, blood pressure monitors, hypodermics, veterinary and safety products.

Target Markets: include general medical, hospital and veterinary environments and the specialty pharmaceutical market.

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Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions:

Terumo Pharmaceutical Solutions (TPS) provides innovative technologies and devices for injection and infusion designed to enhance drug delivery and patient comfort. We focus on pain reduction, safety, injectability, drug and device compatibility, and enhanced machineability and automation.

Key Products: Hypodermic needles, safety needle devices, by-pack needles, infusion devices and polymer-based prefillable syringe devices.

Key Services: Objective pain assessment studies, regulatory support, product development, coating technology and lab services.

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